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1/1/15 12:00 am - Friends Only

Please comment to be added.

8/1/11 04:42 am

 cannot post comments. am irate.

2/24/09 03:52 pm - Writer's Block: Daily Grind

Describe your morning routine.

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1/10/09 08:31 pm - i was so bored i decided to do awards season dresses

for the ~mature~ (tilda swinton + vanessa redgrave + helen mirren i'm looking at you)

outfits are not exclusive to dressesCollapse )

11/25/08 11:49 pm - MEME no.2

again, stolen from sterling_cooper :

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11/15/08 10:42 pm - she said she'd keeel me

i'm posting
cuz otherwise sterling_cooper will somehow murder my soul.

hello world.
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